Cookie Policy

1. Website collects anonymous statistics about your visit.

2. Cookies are small text files that are placed on your device by this website. This website uses cookies to work correctly and show proper content of pages, as well as to provide statistics.

3. Cookies are used to:
a. adjust content of pages according to user preferences;
b. create statistics that help understand how users use pages (to improve structure and content of pages);
c. keep user session (after login) so user doesn't have to login on each page.

4. Website uses the following types of cookies (breakdown by storage time):
a. non-persistent cookies are stored until logout, leave website or close browser;
b. persistent cookies are stored according to expiration date specified in cookie parameter or until user deletes cookie;

5. Website uses the following types of cookies (breakdown by function):
a. cookies required by website to work correctly, for example cookies used to authenticate users;
b. cookies to create statistics (how users use pages);
c. cookies to remember user preferences to show proper content of pages.

6. By default browsers allow to store cookies on your device. You can configure your browser to block cookies.

7. If you block cookies in your browser then this website can work incorrectly.

8. If you don't block cookies in your browser then you agree to use them by this website.

9. You can read more about cookies on the Wikipedia site: HTTP cookie.